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SpyCatcher removes spyware, prevents reinstallation and stops phishing

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SpyCatcher Description

Editor: SpyCatcher is the only Antispyware that uses multiple layers of technology including advanced behavioral detection to stay ahead of spyware attacks. SpyCatcher enables users of all technical abilities to remove even the most aggressive spyware automatically.


* The Best Defense Against Spyware 鈥?Protects against spyware, rootkits, adware and other potentially unwanted programs. SpyCatcher is the only antispyware product to block threats associated with next-generation spyware.
* Ease of Use, Control and Performance 鈥?Enables novice PC users to disable even the most aggressive spyware automatically. DeepDefense ensures comprehensive Protection by detecting and stopping spyware before it can install, providing proactive, immediate protection and reducing the need for spyware scans.
* The Industry's Fastest, Most Powerful and Comprehensive Spyware Detection 鈥?Ensures cutting-edge protection through the Spyware Profiling Engine, a multi-pronged approach for spyware detection. Competitors typically use one detection model, preventing them from blocking all the potential threats.
* The Safest and Most Efficient Spyware Removal 鈥?Disables even the most aggressive spyware without requiring technical prowess from the user. SpyCatcher automates the removal process and helps you distinguish Between good and bad programs, enabling you to remove programs with confidence.
* A Leader in Antispyware Research 鈥?A dedicated team of analysts at Tenebril's Spyware Research Center develops and maintains an extensive database of malicious files that are gathered from many sources. Signatures are created for these files, which allow them to be uniquely identifiable. Applications on your PC are compared against these signatures as one method of spyware detection. SpyCatcher's automatic signature updates allow you to stay ahead of spyware threats.

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What's New in SpyCatcher 5.1

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SpyCatcher Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, XP, 2000

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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